Hellroaring Studio offer three levels of participation: Studio Membership, Workshops, and Coaching.


Full Studio Membership: $192/16 weeks

Hellroaring Studio’s creative writing sessions are sixteen weeks long. Participants will choose either a flash fiction course or formal poetry course.  Poetry sessions focus on sonnets, but students will choose at least two other forms to explore.  Every students will complete weekly assignments in three areas: craft, criticism, and original writing.

Assigned readings for both courses will include Art for Gods Sake, Art and the Bible, Poetics and selections of Rhetoric.  Discussions for both poetry and flash fiction will also include selections from C.S. Lewis and from Stephen King’s On Writing.  Students enrolled in the poetry course will read The Art and Craft of Poetry.

Studio sessions are offered in an asynchronous format through a private forum, our submissions manager, email and social media. Students’ written work will be submitted by email or through Hellroaring Media’s submissions management site.

The first four-week block establishes the foundation.  Discussions will focus on fundamental questions of worldview and elements of creative writing. Reading assignments during this block will focus on learning about craft.  Students will complete written summaries and critiques of materials read and will participate in online discussion in our private forum.  Students will produce one original work each week. At this time, student work will be critiqued only by the instructor.

Note: Students enrolled in the poetry will focus on rhyme, meter and diction during the first block.  These present substantial challenge, and students will choose whether to write formal or free verse.

During weeks five through eight, students will continue assigned readings.  Material will include craft and theory, but will shift more toward reading selected works of fiction or poetry.  As craft and theory readings lessen, students will be expected to write an additional original work (two each week) and critique another student’s work. Student critiques of other students’ writing will always be moderated by the instructor.

Through the remaining eight weeks of the session we will focus on more rigorous application.  Students will continue to write two original pieces each week, will receive criticism from a peer and the instructor, and produce at least one rewrite based on the feedback given. Students will also begin to identify their own challenges and weaknesses and focus on making improvements in those particular areas of craft.  The instructor will guide students with increasingly detailed criticism in order to strengthen and solidify each students abilities.


Workshop: $65/5 Manuscripts

Workshop participation is intended for those who may not prefer the theological, philosophical and worldview aspects of full studio membership, but who nonetheless wish to commit to a regimented writing program.  Others may want to sign up for a workshop to benefit from the lower cost or to try out the studio before committing to full membership.  Workshop participants will write five original works over a three to six week period, and will receive three critiques of each piece: initial critique and two follow-up critiques.


Coaching: $16/Manuscript

The least demanding level of participation is Coaching.  This level is self-paced.  Students receive the same level of criticism and guidance as those in workshops, but writing projects are submitted individually.