Hellroaring Studio is a project of Hellroaring Media and Hellroaring Review.  The studio exists to help high school-aged teens discover the joys and challenges of creative writing.

As with any artistic endeavor, learning by imitation is one key to growth in creative writing.  Whether learning a musical instrument, learning to paint, or learning the craft of creative writing, mentoring can be the difference between discovering an unknown talent, or finding a new joy, and months or years of frustration and discouragement. Receiving constructive criticism of your work is another key factor to success.  Working in a studio provides both benefits.

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A minimum of eight students is preferred for each class.  In order to avoid unnecessary delays or confusion, simply email us if you would like to enroll. Once we have at least six requests to open a session, we will request confirmation of intent to enroll, then email a link to our private submissions page.

Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page if you have questions or would like to add a student to a waiting list.

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